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If you were a flower what would you be and WHY?

If I was a flower I would be a lace cap Hydrangea. It is low maintenance (me!), gives two flowers on one bush (love value for money!), and can survive in the winds we get here (I am a survivor). The originals are all A5 (roughly 14 x 21 cms) size so quite small. So... if you would like a chance to win a FREE ORIGINAL ( A5 size plus mount and frame) based on this theme, here is all you need to do. Reply with your answer to the question! You must explain your choice of flower to qualify, but apart from that, you can pick any wild or cultivated flower or shrub. I look forward to hearing your choices! You can see other examples on the website in the 'Prints', 'If I was a flower' section.

(originals are all with the participants so far). A winner will be randomly selected by 30th April so get your answers in soon! or message via Facebook/Instagram @ wendyvidlerart

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