Prints: We provide Printed artwork renditions of the original artwork to the highest quality


Sizes: Bespoke sizes can be requested

Smallest size (A5)   6" x 8" inches or 15cm x 21cm  - approx 

Largest size (A3)   12" x 18" inches or 30cm x 42cm  - approx


Note: For sizes above A3 please send an email to


Frames: Solid Oak, White, or Black picture frames from the esteemed manufacturers ‘Nielsen’ - A high quality crafted frame


Type: Giclee. A giclee print (pronounced “zhee-clays”) is used to reproduce many different types of art. Giclee is a French term meaning “to spray”, referring to how an inkjet printer works and how giclee prints are usually produced. Large-format inkjet printers use small spraying devices that can both match color and apply ink precisely, giving a high-quality print of original art


Paper: Permajet Museum Heritage 310gsm. An outstanding textured fine art paper displaying a lovely rough weave with random undulations. As the name suggests, the paper we use has all th